Drone aerial photo- and videography

You must have heard it before: "a picture says more than 1000 words." People are naturally visually oriented. With drone photos everyday things come into a surprising perspective. This makes drone photos interesting for countless purposes. Whether it concerns events such as a wedding or festival or an impressive image of your company! For each assignment we look at the best, most (cost) realistic and safe solution to tell your story from the air. Finally, we arrange everything from A to Z. The only thing you have to do is indicate what you want to see and we ensure a good result!

Events & corporate films 

Do you have a company party, a wedding, a sporting event or another activity that you would like to have aerial images of? Whether you prefer to edit the shot aerial footage yourself into a nice film or rather leave this to a professional, with us you are always at the right place! 

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Are there any claims that need to be better identified for the insurance policies? Consider, for example, fire, storm and water damage. We can ensure that the damage is displayed in detail so that the file is complete and can be dealt with smoothly. 

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Real estate 

Are you active in the real estate sector and are you looking for added value? Drone images are a nice addition to the existing photo and video material that is made for each building. With the images made by a drone, both you and your customers immediately have a clear view of the building and the environment. 

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Site follow-up

Do you have a construction company and do you want to digitally record the progress of your projects? More and more companies are opting to use drones to capture long-term assignments and thus see their project literally grow. This can be very interesting from a practical and marketing point of view. 

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Drone inspections and observations

In -and outdoor inspections

No more dangerous, lengthy and expensive inspections! By using specialized drones, inspections can be carried out at a safe and short time, both at height and in confined spaces. If you prefer to buy an Elios drone yourself, you can also contact us! 

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Observations from the sky

In collaboration with DroneMatrix, we can use octocopters (8 propellers) for long-term observations. Because these drones are equipped with a tether cable, they can stay in the air for hours, even days! Ideal for surveillance assignments, large events, crowd control, incidents, etc. 

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Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society.

Bill Gates