Why choosing for drone inspections?

Very simple, the use of drones ensures that your employees no longer end up in dangerous situations by working at heights or in confined spaces. Furthermore, preparations and implementation currently take a lot of time, for example by placing racks or allowing installations to cool down, which can lead to very high downtime and therefore costs. For drone inspections you only need one certified pilot, a professional drone and an observer -your employee or an authorized inspector- and installations do not have to be shut down as standard, which is often the case so far. The following benefits also apply: 

  • You have detailed data without the security risks 
  • No or less downtime 
  • You can compare the photos and / or videos between various inspections 
  • The inspection can be completed in a much shorter time 
  • Better planning for maintenance or repair work 
  • Multiple inspections per day 

Conclusion: The main reasons for switching to drone inspections are safety, saving time and saving costs. Drone inspections can be applied in many markets, for example maritime, offshore, petrochemical, infrastructure, etc.

Inspections in confined spaces

By using the world's only collision-proof inspection drone, your employees no longer have to enter confined or hard-to-reach spaces to perform inspections. The Flyability Elios 2 - with patented gyroscope technology and a carbon fiber protective cage - makes visual inspection possible even in very complex environments. Live full HD video (incl. Thermal camera) feedback from the drone to the operator gives the customer the opportunity to immediately assess the situation. The images can be reviewed later with special analysis software. 

Interested in the technical specifications of the Flyability Elios or for the deployment and / or purchase? Contact us for more information.